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June 2023: Downloading and archiving is fixed. Resolutions up to 1080p can be downloaded. The Search has also been updated.

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Unlike other tiktok downloader sites, we keep a copy of every downloaded video so they are viewable even if they get deleted on! You can browse our archive [here]

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We have amassed a whopping 1M+ different TikToks in our database, mirror one yourself and join thousands of others in building this expansive TikTok archive!

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We pride ourselves in providing an amazing service for our users. No speed limits, download limits, and no annoying ads.

Updated: June 2023

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Quality: Our API returns links HD 1080p/720p & max source quality if available. These allow you to view your TikToks in a much higher quality than what is available on the web

Simplicity: Copy a TikTok link, paste in the box above, and boom! It's that simple to make permanant backups of your favorite TikToks, no catch.

Archival: Every single TikTok mirror is hosted by us, so in the event that your favorite video is deleted you can always view it on

Ever find a TikTok link that is 'Currently Unavailable'? Try searching for the user here [Search]

Extensive APIs

We provide easy APIs for our more technical users, you can mirror any TikTok video or query hashtag and trending data from!

Quick Mirroring:

Info: Our single API endpoint will provide all the needed mirror info for you to use programatically. After hitting it with a URL it will give you a JSON object with the hash identifier, direct video link, & the stream page that your users can view on our website.

curl -fsSL "" --data "url=" | jq .
{"success":true,"info":"Download Complete","response":{"status":200,"statusText":"OK"},"data":{"resource":"api","metadata":{"hash":"b806e981e6f242f5f9ecbe9ad7a7d455","public":1,"timestamp":1685492279,"AccountProfileName":"keawts","AccountUserName":"kewatsov","AccountProfileURL":"","VideoURL":"","VideoDirectURL":"","VideoDescription":"#real #him #her #fyp #heartbroken Replaceable #heartbreak #bladerunner #bladerunner2049 #vibe #fyp #fypシ #feels #ryangosling #anadearmas #herewithme #snow #broken #brokenheart #depression #anxiety #sadedits #sadedit  | pov: you are living the best life with her. | you wake up…","VideoKeywords":"keawts, kewatsov, #real #him #her #fyp #heartbroken Replaceable #heartbreak #bladerunner #bladerunner2049 #vibe #fyp #fypシ #feels #ryangosling #anadearmas #herewithme #snow #broken #brokenheart #depression #anxiety #sadedits #sadedit  | pov: you are living the best life with her. | you wake up…, original sound - badsakuraba, Bad Sakuraba, , KE, ","VideoUploadDate":"1674758981","VideoEmbedURL":"","AudioName":"original sound - badsakuraba","AudioAuthor":"Bad Sakuraba","AudioURL":""},"download":{"video":{"WM":{"name":"Watermark: 618.7 KB - 576x1024","url":"","id":{"video":"v09044g40000cf9cknjc77u2jk1etnvg","file":"8f3d2a15bb0048648304ba7f4a1c99ba"}},"NoWM":{"name":"No Watermark: 331.96 KB - 576x1024","url":"","id":{"video":"v09044g40000cf9cknjc77u2jk1etnvg","file":"2c54f874fc334f27a8fb148c1ee364a0"}},"NoWM720":{"name":"No Watermark HD h265: 634.51 KB - 720x1280","url":"","id":{"video":"v09044g40000cf9cknjc77u2jk1etnvg","file":"dc32cd2e51e8493c900f9288ae1d5fb8"}}},"thumb":{"videoThumb":"","videoThumbHD":"","videoThumbDynamic":"","avatarThumb":"","musicThumb":""},"music":{"musicAudio":"","musicBeatData":""}},"archive":{"video":""}},"html":"","server":{"version":"1.0.2","git":"548a51ae63dc0f6a050d255755865c6da1ec723b","timestamp":1685492277}}

Unofficial TikTok API:

Not Working as of october 2020

Info: Easily query TikTok without having to deal with the trouble of generating signatures and ip bans.

Below are a few endpoints, items that say 'count accepted' mean you can add '?count=n' to the end of the url where n equals the amount of items the api will return. Due to how we handle requests sometimes it might return an empty 'Collector[]', just refresh the page. APIs are currently limited to 60req/min. Better docs coming soon

# General


# User

- /api/out/v1/user/USERNAME : Return a list of recent posts and an index of their IDs

# Music

- /api/music/detail/MUSICID : 
- /api/music/list/MUSICID : Returns a list of trending TikToks using a sound
- /api/music/detail/extended/MUSICID : Returns metadata about a sound. Includes 'Matched Song' data if available

- /api/tiktok/v1/trending : Trending videos. Count accepted [Example]
- /api/tiktok/v1/hashtag/HASTAGNAME : Videos under a hashtag. Count accepted. Optional: append '/metadata' for metadata. [Example]
- /api/tiktok/v1/userId/USERID : Get user profile infos by user ID. Count accepted. [Example]
- /api/tiktok/v1/username/USERNAME : Get user profile infos by username. Count accepted. Optional: append '/metadata' for metadata. [Example same as above]
- /api/tiktok/v1/music?url=FULLMUSICURL : Get music infos by entire url.
- /api/tiktok/v1/music/MUSICID : Get music infos by ID. 

Disclaimer: We do not guarantee any percent of uptime of this api service. TikTok changes a lot.

How do I contact you?

You can email us at

If you would like to contribute any collections or sets of TikToks that are not on the site then you can send an email to the above email.


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