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March 2023: We are testing out v2 of the site here
- Search has been revamped and is able to search through most video metadata
-- Search through username, profile name, music name, video description & keywords
- Browse 'Latest' is fixed, browse has been optimized
- ~350k TikToks has been added to the archive

The video archive will still be available and online [Search & Browse]
Bonus: TikTok 'lawyers' Hall of Shame page

Watch Deleted TikToks

Unlike other tiktok downloader sites, we keep a copy of every downloaded video so they are viewable even if they get deleted on! You can browse our archive [here]

Huge Archive of Videos

We have amassed a whopping different TikToks in our database, mirror one yourself and join thousands of others in building this expansive TikTok archive!

Fast & Simple Experience

We pride ourselves in providing an amazing service for our users. No speed limits, download limits, and no annoying ads.

- Website is in archive mode
Info below may not reflect the current sites status

The Best Option for TikTok Mirroring

Simplicity: Copy a TikTok link, paste in the box above, and boom! It's that simple to make permanant backups of your favorite TikToks, no catch.

Archival: Every single TikTok mirror is hosted by us, so in the event that your favorite video is deleted you can always view it on

Ever find a TikTok link that is 'Currently Unavailable'? Try searching for the user here [Search]

Extensive APIs

We provide easy APIs for our more technical users, you can mirror any TikTok video or query hashtag and trending data from!

Quick Mirroring:

Info: Our single API endpoint will provide all the needed mirror info for you to use programatically. After hitting it with a URL it will give you a JSON object with the hash identifier, direct video link, & the stream page that your users can view on our website.

curl "" --data "url="

Unofficial TikTok API:

Not Working as of october 2020

Info: Easily query TikTok without having to deal with the trouble of generating signatures and ip bans.

Below are a few endpoints, items that say 'count accepted' mean you can add '?count=n' to the end of the url where n equals the amount of items the api will return. Due to how we handle requests sometimes it might return an empty 'Collector[]', just refresh the page. APIs are currently limited to 60req/min. Better docs coming soon

- /api/tiktok/v1/trending : Trending videos. Count accepted [Example]
- /api/tiktok/v1/hashtag/HASTAGNAME : Videos under a hashtag. Count accepted. Optional: append '/metadata' for metadata. [Example]
- /api/tiktok/v1/userId/USERID : Get user profile infos by user ID. Count accepted. [Example]
- /api/tiktok/v1/username/USERNAME : Get user profile infos by username. Count accepted. Optional: append '/metadata' for metadata. [Example same as above]
- /api/tiktok/v1/music?url=FULLMUSICURL : Get music infos by entire url.
- /api/tiktok/v1/music/MUSICID : Get music infos by ID. 

Disclaimer: We do not guarantee any percent of uptime of this api service. TikTok changes a lot.

How do I contact you?

You can use our contact page HERE or email us at


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